The Shift and Push of Parenting with Eli Weinstein

In this video, parenting therapist Eli Weinstein shares:
  • What is the Shift of parenting, and how do we deal with it
  • Why do we push each other away and not meet our needs?
  • Ways to learn about your partner and validate

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Picture of Eli Weinstein

Eli Weinstein


Eli Weinstein

Eli Weinstein

Parenting Therapist

Eli Weinstein is a Therapist (specializing in relationship + parenting ) who currently runs his own private practice in NY + NV.

He is married to his wife Ariella and, has two beautiful children, Rikki + Max, and lives in sunny Las Vegas.

He created ELIvation + The Dude Therapist Podcast

Eli has been featured on The Kelly Clarkson Show, The Trauma Therapist,  Holding Space w/ Dr, Frietas, Breaking Taboo, Therapy Thoughts w/ Tiffany Roe and on multiple podcasts ranging from parenting, relationships, and mental health.

His main goal is to help people on their journey by adding support, care, empathy, expertise, and insight.

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