Stress-Less Parenting

How modern parents can reduce stress and anxiety in a Post Pandemic era and create a healthy home.

This comprehensive Masterclass takes a deep dive into your child’s physical, emotional & psychological well-being in a world that has changed so rapidly during the Pandemic

Dr. Ann-Louise Lockhart

Will Children Come out on the other side of the pandemic okay?

Dr. Aimie Apigian

Stress, trauma and coming out of the pandemic stronger.

Nicole Beurkins, PhD

How do we help our kids come out of the pandemic stronger and less anxious?

Emily Oster, PhD

Data driven screen-time recommendations for kids

Dr. Christian Gonzalez

Creating a non-toxic home

Dr. Ken Redcross

How to decrease pandemic and post pandemic stress and get more sleep without using medications

Katie Kimball

Cooking, Critical Thinking, and Connection

Dana Kay

Helping Neurodiverse Children Soar out of the Pandemic

Dr. Madiha

The Science of Holistic Parenting

Dr. Sheila Kilbane

Rid your kid of too much inflammation

Dr. Maya Shetreat

Pandemic Brain – Steps to improve your child’s brain development during the pandemic.


Using the “total load” model to reduce the impact of pandemic and post pandemic stress and disruptions on our children lives

Dr. Brian Stenzler

Germophobia: Germs are not the enemy; take care of the host!


Raising kind, compassionate kids in a socially tumultuous time

Melissa Minney

Pandemic and Post Pandemic Language development concerns unpacked

Dr. Michael Goran

Sugarproofing our children. Is sugar really that important to avoid?

Dr. Catherine

Why is everything so divisive? Finding balance in a divided world


Setting up your toddler for success

Dr. Terry Wahls

How to beat chronic disease
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