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Simple Shift for a Healthier Family

Board certified pediatrician, Joel “Gator” Warsh, MD, along with dozens of other parenting and health experts share their secret insights to help you raise happier, healthier kids in the modern world. 

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Dr. Gator's Vaccine Information Guide

Board certified pediatrician, Joel “Gator” Warsh, MD, explains what vaccines are available, what they do and what you need to know to make informed decisions regarding vaccinations, learn which questions to ask, and important issues to consider for your children.

Naturally Minded Parenting

A Pediatrician’s guide to naturally minded parents navigating the not so natural medical system. Navigating Vax, choosing an MD, prescriptions, fever, chronic disease, personal health choices and more.

Masters of Parenting and Pediatrics

Short videos from world leading experts on parenting and pediatrics.
Think Ted meets online parenting conference.

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